LUXUS is India’s leading manufacturer of home furniture. We have made noteworthy investments in our study about designs of sliding wardrobes and their architecture. Our partners are globally reputed for offering quality products.

luxus in collaboration with komandor



KOMANDOR is a leading company in the sliding door wardrobe market and modular furnishing systems.

Many years of experience and continuous development have helped to create a prominent brand not only in the Polish market but also worldwide. Its continuously growing chain is located in 32 countries around the world. KOMANDOR’s organizational structure is based on a network of companies and partners specializing in production, distribution and various services. This network was created to incorporate markets all across Europe and around the globe. The main company within this structure is the production plant and R & D centre, KOMANDOR S.A. It is based in Radom, Poland, where a highly skilled team of specialists, engineers and designers collaborate to develop new products and technologies.


Another vital link in KOMANDOR’s organization is an arsenal of assembly facilities producing finished products all around the world. To remain a strong leading player in this constantly changing and increasingly competitive market, KOMANDOR constantly invests in the growth of its production lines and pre-fabrication plants. It’s factories use the most modern metal cutting and shaping technologies for working with coated and lacquered metal sheeting. In addition, plastic processing, mounting fitting mechanisms and finishing particle board edges are also its specialities. KOMANDOR’s product line is constantly expanding to meet the growing market demand and the organization’s innovative efforts keep KOMANDOR ahead of the race.

LUXUS is really contented to be associated with KOMANDOR, the first company in Europe to create its own modern software program, that allows the company to accurately and quickly design customized products for customers, name the exact price and order it. With the software system, furniture orders can be realized quickly and precisely with no possibility of error.


The quality and achievements of KOMANDOR were recognised and awarded. KOMANDOR was accredited as an ISO 9001:2000 company in 2002 and it was ranked as one of the “500 Most Innovative Companies” in 2005. KOMANDOR also has a growing list of product prizes and references from satisfied clienteles.

Recently, the company has extended its network beyond Poland’s and Europe’s borders. Taking advantage of its experience in the domestic market, KOMANDOR launched assembly plants and warehouses in countries around the globe including Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Algeria, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Finland and Germany. As KOMANDOR grows, export departments continuously search for new potential markets to enter in Europe and abroad.