OFFYX Workstation

OFFYX workstations offer an environment where focus is developed and collaboration is promoted.

Good space to think as well as work, OFFYX systems open up new ways to be efficient.

Fostering a space where employees are at ease with one another. Develops Network and collaboration is promoted.

Creativity inspires Creativity, space is vital to how you work.

OFFYX L-Shaped Workstation

Connect with each other Designed for users that need a good balance between privacy and networking, the L-shaped arrangement of OFFYX provides users with individual spaces that are ideal for working in groups. Enabling teams to have instant access to the richest resource available in the office- each other.

OFFYX Linear Workstations

Providing a uniform, professional aesthetic for offices with a large number of users, OFFYX Linear maintains an environment where productivity is key.

The OFFYX Linear arrangement presents a sustainable, economic solution and maximises space potential.


Managers need versatile spaces to facilitate their complex roles. OFFYX’S Cabin range consists of tables and storage units that are completely customisable to fit your space.

OFFYX Conference

OFFYX Conference tables make for an engaged and productive meeting space. Simplified wire management and a wide range of sizes allows for a variety of applications.