Kitchen Working-with-the-Installation-Team

Once the material arrives at your site our factory trained professional installation team will start the installation process.  The installation team must be given the space to conduct their work without disturbance. This is important for smooth work flow. Also they must be give the keys to the room in which they are doing the installation and keeping the tools. This is to ensure accountability and prevention of theft from the site[egg id=”1″].

Depending on the size, usually a modular kitchen takes about 3 to 7 days to complete the installation.


The installation sequence of a modular kitchen is usually as follows:

  1. Base cabinets and wall cabinets are installed without shutters.
  2. The kitchen counter top is installed on the base cabinets.
  3. The sink, hob and other built-in appliances are installed and tested. Also the gas line is tested.
  4. Finally shutters are installed.
  5. Our quality supervisor will check the installation. Any adjustments, if required will be done.
  6. The product is offered to you for your acceptance. The site supervisor will request your approval of the “Job completion and Feedback” form and your “Testimonial”.