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Hassle free kitchen transformation

Remodelling (Make a new kitchen)
Refacing (replace old shutters)

LUXUS certified designers will help you design an efficient and elegant kitchen. Renovating or remodeling a kitchen is not rocket science, but it is the most complicated room in the house. The best designs require a lot of coordination and knowledge of technical and practical applications. The LUXUS certified designer has the training to create that beautiful kitchen. A lot of options are available. We will help you choose.

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Modular Kitchen Remodeling

We offer expert solutions to put together the complete kitchen including the organizing accessories, hob, chimney, fridge, faucet, sink and water purifier…. right down to the waste water outlets!

The Cooking, Washing and Storage zones have to be thoughtfully set up for efficient and ergonomic working. Depending on the space available our designer will propose the kitchen layout options.

Happy Kitchens by LUXUS are thoughtfully designed to make the kitchen a multi-purpose social work to engage with your family while you cook. They are made with durable materials and European hardware for long life and super smooth functionality. Our 5 year warranty and prompt after sales service ensure you enjoy your kitchen. You will be happy for years to come. Happy Kitchens are designed with you in mind.

Modular Kitchen Refacing

Kitchen refacing involves replacing old shutters with new shutters. Refacing your existing kitchen can give it a brand new look and feel… in just 3 days. Refacing your kitchen cabinets is ideal when you don’t want to remodel the whole design and are only looking for a change in look and feel.

The Easy Experience to own Customized Kitchen

1. Get in touch with Luxus Modular Kitchen design experts.


2. Luxus Experts will help you with custom design of your small kitchen using 3D visualization software.


3. Your Kitchen will be made in our specialized factory.


4. Your kitchen will be delivered to you in just 6 weeks.