Getting your Wardrobe Organised

Getting your Wardrobe Organised Planing a wardrobe that is very unique to an individual is important! Your wardrobe can be customised depending on each person’s usage.This requires careful selection of wardrobe components such as shelves, drawers,hanger rods and many more. While designing wardrobe with these component we need to take into consideration few important wardrobe…


Design the Wardrobe of your Dream

Design the wardrobe of your dream You Design – You Order – You Relax – You Experience We at LUXUS provide our customers personally designed wardrobe doors to suit their home spaces, also renovate the existing wardrobe. In general the need is been over looked because the pricing and expenses might get beyond the control…


3 Useful Multi-Purpose Furniture Ideas

3 Useful Multi-Purpose Furniture Ideas With space increasingly becoming more premium these days, getting multi-purpose furniture can help you save a lot of space. Space shrinkage has given rise to multi-purpose furniture, which can serve a multitude of different tasks. This blog will take a look at 3 options one can choose from when it comes…