Inspiring individuals, integrating teamsĀ Individuals work differently to teams. Different teams have different requirements, some look for privacy and some prefer openness some emphasis on contemplation and some over discussion.

INFIUS creates a space which is a perfect mix of privacy and is open enough for collaboration, A space that could galvanise individuals to work the way they needed, whenever they needed? A space of balance and innovation.

Empowering individuals to take charge of their environment.

Work together, build together. The next step is only a desk away.

Everything is a work in progress. INFIUS makes progress easy.

INFIUS blends elegant design with functionality. The multi-faceted tubes give it a sharp, clean and Straight look. It is designed to look beautiful and work perfectly.

INFIUS systems are designed to reduce visual clutter. The design features the light, elegant lines of the structural components provide the perfect frame for shaping an open and inviting workplace.


INFIUS Linear Workstations

INFIUS Linear workstations feature clean lines together with balanced proportions that make it stand out in the new age office environment. INFIUS linear workstations can be tailored to meet the ergonomic requirements of the offices. INFIUS linear workstations make sure that every employee gets her personal space with a possibility to collaborate.
INFIUS linear workstations come with partitions that divide the space of every employee.


In today’s workplace, people gather to solve problems and to exchange or develop knowledge. Now more than ever, there is a shift from individual work areas to shared workspaces. INFIUS Conference Furniture is designed to reflect today’s team-based corporate culture.


INFIUS Conference

Tasteful desk and storage solutions for individual cabins. INFIUS cabin furniture range simplifies planning while sustaining a consistent aesthetic throughout the office.

The tables and storage units are completely customisable to fit your space, aesthetic, and privacy requirements.