LUXUS provides leads

LUXUS will provide you with customer leads.


You Design

Meet clients, assess their requirements and finalize designs. LUXUS will provide you with samples kit.


You Win

Close deals with customers and collect advance payment.


You Earn

Earn 10% success fee on deals you close.


Wardrobes  |  Kitchens  |  TV Units  |  Chest of Drawers  |  Crockery Units  |  Home Study  |  Beds  |  Vanities  |  Bookcases

Independent interior designers are invited to make themselves more valuable to their clients with the LUXUS DESIGN KOMANDOR Partner Program. Join today and enjoy full access to the LUXUS portfolio of products, services, facilities and design commission. We are entirely at your service. And, simultaneously, LUXUS will honour and support your intimate, one-on-one relationship with your clients.

First Time in India

  • CAD-CAM software integrated process from design to dispatch

  • Specialized factory to make sliding door wardrobes and kitchens

  • Sliding door wardrobes with locks

  • Chain of stores for customized sliding door wardrobes & kitchens


Customer Service

Technical Support


Delivery & Installation

after sales support

After Sales Service


  • A success fee of 10% earned on every deal closed

  • A spectacular range of products and styles

  • Orientation and training

  • Desirable brand recognition

  • State-of-the-art technology and design tools. Proprietary CAD-CAM SOFTWARE

  • European quality and extraordinary value

  • Freedom to focus on what you love to do…design

LUXUS Advantages:

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    European Collaboration
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    Custom Design – 3D Views
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    Modern Factory
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    5 Weeks Delivery
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    Precision & Finish – CAD/CAM
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    Free Installation
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    5 Years Warranty*
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    Fixed Price
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I prefer being an independent designer. Do I need to become an employee of LUXUS?

We welcome and respect your desire to be an independent designer. The DESIGN KOMANDOR Program is specifically catered towards independent interior designers and there is no need or expectation from our end for you to employ yourself at LUXUS.

How much can I expect to earn from associating with LUXUS?

LUXUS will provide you with the initial leads. Every DESIGN KOMANDOR associate is expected to follow up with the clients and provide them with expert interior design services. LUXUS will give you a 10% success fee on every deal you close. We will give a success fee of 12% for leads you bring and close on your own.

Why should I refer my leads to LUXUS?

LUXUS is India’s first factory for customized sliding door wardrobes and modular kitchens. We have a state of the art factory built with European Collaboration. Your customers get the advantage of our professional expertise and high quality products and you gain a professional partner for your execution requirements. Success fee is given for all leads closed by you.

What all services can I expect and not expect from LUXUS when it comes to Home Décor?

We offer technical support, sales support and hassle free delivery. You can offer your customers the following products – Wardrobes  |  Kitchens  |  TV Units  |  Chest of Drawers  |  Crockery Units  |  Home Study  |  Beds  |  Vanities  |  Bookcases. All the work is done by trained personnel when it comes to design, material selection and installation.

What if I want to offer something more to my clients other than LUXUS products?

LUXUS can be your one stop solutions provider for all your home décor needs. But in case there are some services and products we can’t provide, you are free to engage your own network of vendors to get the job done. LUXUS will in no way be responsible for deliverables, quality, timelines and warranty on execution done by other vendors and this will be the responsibility of the DESIGN KOMANDOR associate.

When can I expect my payment?

LUXUS will give half of your revenue share on payment of the 50% advance by the customer. The remaining amount will be released to you post project completion and full payments and sign-off by the customer.

What are the responsibilities expected of a Design Komandor associate?

The DESIGN KOMANDOR Program was created to help interior designers focus on their first love – Design. We will take the responsibility to provide you with quality leads we generate through our marketing channels. All a DESIGN KOMANDOR associate has to do is service the customer to the best of his ability by focusing on his design expertise. Let your creativity fly and be assured that you have the full support of LUXUS, as you deliver the customer their dream interiors.

A DESIGN KOMANDOR associate is expected to:

  • Meet the prospective client & understand her / his requirements on being assigned a lead by the LUXUS sales team
  • Visit any one of the LUXUS showrooms in your city on at least 3 Saturdays / Sundays every month – we get 80% visits on weekends, between 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM. On average, you will meet 2-4 new leads each day you spend at the showroom.
  • You will have to visit customers home or project sites to take the measurements. We will also provide you will a complete set of samples, images of previous successful projects and 3D views to help you close deals with prospective customers.
  • DESIGN KOMANDOR associate will have full access to the LUXUS’s complete catalogue and repository of images. We will help you draw up the quotation as well once the measurements are taken and materials decided on.
  • The DESIGN KOMANDOR partner must follow up with the leads, get feedback and take the responsibility to provide a second level quote if necessary.
  • On closure of the deal, the partner must collect the 50% advance from the customer.
  • You must update LUXUS team on customer status through our CRM system and email . We encourage you to ask of any help you require from us which might help you to close deals.
  • Communicate regularly with the customer.
  • Provide the Design and impress the customer.
  • Finalize and give approvals on production ready designs after consultation with the customer.
  • Once production is done, you are expected to visit the customer site to oversee the installation work done by LUXUS team. We will take care of all the installation work, but you are requested to be on site to ensure no mistakes happen.
  • You must collect the remaining 50% payment before the material is dispatched from the factory

What are the responsibilities of LUXUS?

LUXUS will take care of:

  • Branding & Marketing
  • Online & offline lead generation
  • Showrooms
  • Product catalogue
  • Sales kit for Design Partners
  • Training – tools, processes & sales
  • Sales support team for all Design Partners
  • IT – CRM, Pricing Engine, Open Office
  • Production, installation & after sales support

How can I become a LUXUS Design Komandor Associate?

To join the DESIGN KOMANDOR partnership program you must do the following:

  • Attend one of our orientation sessions happening in your city (email to know when the next one is scheduled)
  • Let the LUXUS representatives know about your  interest in signing up
  • Meet one of our senior designers one-on-one: use this as an opportunity to evaluate if you’d like to work with us; we’ll do the same!
  • Read, review & sign the LUXUS DESIGN KOMANDOR Partner program agreement
  • Register for a 1-day (8 hr) induction program in your city. This will contain compulsory modules on design tools, LUXUS processes & customer-handling training.
  • Visit the LUXUS showroom in your city.
  • Meet your first client lead at the showroom / client’s site. As mentioned earlier, we receive 80% of our customers at the showroom over the weekend. Hence, it’s crucial that you make yourself available for at least 3 Saturdays or Sundays every month.

I have other question to ask. Who can I reach to find out more?

Feel free to contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your questions. Email us at

European Collaboration