India’s 1st specialized furniture factory with European collaboration
LUXUS- India’s experts in sliding door wardrobes

Customers are fast moving away from “contractors” to factory finished furniture….. to avoid hassles and increase predictability. Also customization is very important for them.

From 1990 onwards, over 25 years our family business company KRAFTWERK delivered turnkey interior projects for corporates and high end residences. The interiors market in India has been ever growing at a rapid pace. However 80% of the work is still executed at site with carpenters and interior contractors. Even as an experienced player we were finding it very difficult to deal with the unorganized contractors and carpenters. We wondered how a busy person could manage to get their home interiors done with carpenters, while doing his regular job or business.

In the home segment we can see that customers are increasingly uncomfortable dealing with disorganized contractors and onsite work.  Also the growing demand is being catered to by furniture imported from East Asia. But most of this does not offer scope for customization. We felt that there was a big gap in the market for customized high quality furniture with professional hassle free service support.

Indian home furniture market

The Indian home furniture market can be divided into 3 segments on the basis of price and quality.

  • The very Low price/ very Low quality segment is largely catered to by the furniture imported from East Asia (China & Malaysia). This is a growing segment that signifies that in general even low income group customers also prefer ready to use furniture.

  • The very High price/ very High quality segment is largely catered to by the furniture imported from Western Europe (Italy, Germany & Spain). Only the very affluent customers can afford this. It is a very small market. This offers very limited customization options. Customers usually prefer this segment for “loose” furniture like sofas, beds, coffee tables etc. For “fixed” products like wardrobes and kitchens they find it a difficult to import as there are many issues related to the site dimensions and specific Indian requirements.

  • More than 75% of the customers fall into the middle segment. They typically do not want the low quality “Chinese imported” furniture and also cannot afford the very high price “European imported” furniture. Hence for “fixed” furniture like wardrobes and kitchens they choose to find a local vendor that can provide customization within their budget. This segment has a wide range of players offering a wide range of quality and price options. LUXUS caters to the upper middle segment offering customised – affordable- “European” quality furniture.



Our Mission

LUXUS will provide European quality customized furniture at affordable prices, with a great experience. We promise no more carpenter hassles.

How will our mission be accomplished?

We researched over 2 years (Y2008 & Y2009) and travelled extensively to meet several manufacturers in Europe to find a good solution. We were sure that we wanted to offer fully custom made furniture.

  • To achieve our mission we set a collaboration with KOMANDOR a leading European company

  • We set up a modern factory with CAD-CAM software enabled process

European collaboration

We are very happy that we are in collaboration with KOMANDOR, head quartered in Poland (Europe). We are exclusive partners of KOMANDOR is India. Our factory and production processes are set up are per KOMANDOR guidelines. KOMANDOR technical support enables us to produce high quality products consistently. Also our franchise based business model is based on KOMANDOR’s globally proven low risk ZERO INVENTORY business model.

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KOMANDOR is global player with presence in 42 countries. They are specialists in sliding door wardrobe systems. They are one of the few companies in the world that enables a furniture dealer to offer a single unit of factory made fully customized wardrobe. The wardrobes are fitted by professional installers at your home.

This is enabled by their unique process and capabilities like

  • CAD CAM visualization software directly connected to the CNC machines in the factory.

  •  A unique CAD/ CAM software enabled process from design to dispatch

  • A library of hardware and accessories integrated in the CAD software

European collaboration, Komandor

Our Factory

To accomplish our mission we set up a modern factory in collaboration with KOMANDOR, a European leader, selling in 42 countries.

Our state of the art factory is built as per the guidelines given by KOMANDOR. All key machines are CNC German machines for high precision and repeatable quality. The factory in Hyderabad is set up in a 4 acres plot.

The CAD/ CAM software enabled process from design to dispatch ensures tight integration between showrooms in different cities and our factory in Hyderabad.

At each work center the quality is checked before the components are sent forward to the next wrk center. The quality checks are recorded by the software scanning the bar codes.

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First Time in India

  • India’s first specialized factory for sliding door wardrobes

  • India’s first furniture factory with European collaboration

  • India’s first custom furniture company with CAD/ CAM software enabled process from design to dispatch

  • India’s first chain of stores for customised sliding door wardrobes


The flagship showroom in Hyderabad was started in Jan 2011. Within 4 years are network of showrooms has grown rapidly. We have 13 showrooms in Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore, Calicut, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Mysore and Pune.

13 Showrooms, 8 Cities


“LUXUS Certified Designers” provide custom furniture design services. They carefully listen to understand customer requirements. They adopt an interactive design process, to custom design wardrobes, kitchens, TV units and other storage solutions. They are trained in the KOMANDOR proprietary design software to translate the customer needs into a good balance of functionality, aesthetic choices and budget. They provide 3D views to help the customer to visualize their furniture and to provide feedback on the designs.


“LUXUS Certified Installers” provide professional installation services.

They are trained in the factory and equipped with special tools to ensure quick installation with good finish.


LUXUS is now a well recognized brand as experts in sliding door wardrobes. Using KOMANDOR’s proprietary 3D visualization CAD software we are able to design any kind of customized storage home furniture solution for bedrooms, living room, pantry, kitchen, home study and bathrooms. For example our products include wardrobes, modular kitchens, crockery units, TV entertainment units, beds, dresser units, bathroom vanities, shoe racks, puja units….and also room sliding partitions.

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Business Model

The key features of our business model are:

  • Franchise based business

  • Low investment

  • Small stores 1000- 2500 SFT

  • Zero inventory business

  • Custom designed home furniture- made to order

  • Hassle free experience- Design to Installation

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Media Recognition

LUXUS has received significant media appreciation in the last 4 years. We have been recognized as an innovative company.

  • OUTLOOK MONEY rated LUXUS as one of the top 15 hot franchise business offers in India.

  • RETAILER rated LUXUS as one of the top 25 HOT CONCEPTS in India.

  • ENTREPRENEUR featured a 2 page LUXUS success story.